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Client Testimonials

"There was so much fear back then. Things are different now, I have changed. All of you ladies at the A&A Alexandrina Center and the ultrasound helped me so much, Thank you!"

- Anonymous

"Here I am, 4 years later, happy and healthy and waiting at the door to show you my appreciation, to tell you how wonderful you are; how important you, how grateful we are."

- Anonymous

"When I first came to the center, I was undecided on whether I wanted to keep my baby or not. I was leaning more towards the options of abortion or adoption. But after talking with the ladies who work here, especially a very nice and sincere lady named Ellen, I decided to keep my baby. Ellen did an ultrasound on me, and I was able to see my baby at just 7 weeks! Once I saw my baby’s heartbeat on the monitor a rush of love and gratitude entered my soul, and I knew that this child was meant to bring joy and happiness. Ellen even stayed quite a bit of time after her shift to talk and pray with me. I am forever grateful for her generosity and to all the ladies that are doing wonderful thing at this center. THANK YOU soooo much! And thank you for the gift bag with all the goodies for the baby! That blew my mind and was unexpected. : )"

- Kim

I just met Angie this morning. She did explain to me everything related to the adoption process. She also gave me the documents with all the details. It's kind of hard for me to make the decision right away so i told her to give me some time. I am not sure that i can make it. However, I remember everything you talked to me the other day, i won't do abortion anymore. I have to fight with myself about keeping the baby to raise him/her up or giving away to somebody else. Whatever it is, i want to say thank you to you for the things you did for me. It means a lot to me that you don't even know. Thank you, Ellen! You're such a sweetest and kindest person. I appreciate you. God bless you! Have a nice day. Love you ❤️   

- Anonymous