Helping women and children, past, present, and in the future.

Our Center

As a response to the legalization of abortion and the resulting holocaust, a group of Catholic lay women who were already spiritually engaged in the battle for life banded together to form an organization that would serve women in crisis pregnancies. Their mission has been dedicated to meeting the needs of every client in a compassionate and nonjudgmental manner, providing them with information and education, both material and spiritual, to alleviate obstacles to protecting and preserving human life. For over three decades they have served the local community, the disenfranchised, the impoverished from all walks of life, all faiths, all situations, on a wing and a prayer, and timely and heartfelt individual donations. The Alexandrina Center, a 100 percent volunteer apostolate and fully charitable organization, continues to engage in loving and caring purposes to reinforce the principle that life is worth living in all of its stages, from conception to natural death; providing assistance, positive services and creative life- and familyaffirming choices with dignity. Tens of thousands of clients have already received help through the Center’s programs.

The Center was named after the most remarkable Blessed Alexandrina de Costa, who offered her life of suffering to God for the sins of man. Who Is Blessed Alexandrina?

Blessed Alexandrina Maria de Costa of Balasar, Portugal (1904 – 1955), one of the great mystics of modern times, was beatified in 2004. A ‘victim soul’, chosen by Christ to suffer in atonement for the sins of humanity, she was bedridden with paralysis for life from the age of twenty after sustaining injuries at the age of 14 while escaping from three attackers. Rather than risk her innocence, she chose to jump out an upper story window.

After full acceptance of her condition and that it was from God, she mystically underwent the Passion of Christ on Fridays and her sufferings helped to shorten World War II. Her astounding life has many connections to the events of Fatima and she is known in Portugal as ‘the fourth seer of Fatima’. She urged all to “Do penance, sin no more, pray the Rosary, receive the Eucharist ”.

From 1942 onward she received no nourishment of any kind except the Holy Eucharist, a medically confirmed fact. . Her weight dwindled to 73 pounds. But those who visited Alexandrina always found someone in physical pain, discomfort and suffering but outwardly joyful and transmitting to all a deepseated peace. She offered all her sufferings for the salvation of souls and the sanctification of youth as she did not wish anyone to “offend Jesus.”

She wrote these lines for her own tombstone: “Sinners, if the dust of my body can be of help to save you, come close, walk over it, kick it around until it disappears. But never sin again. Do not risk losing Jesus for all eternity, for He is so good. Enough with sin. Love Jesus, love Him.

Alexandrina died on 13 October 1955. She has been proposed by the Church as “a model of purity and perseverance in the Faith for today’s youth”.