What Do You Think About adoption?

Adoption is another option you have for your unplanned pregnancy. Decisions can be difficult to make, but also satisfying and extremely loving. Because you’re thinking about what is best for you and your child, making an adoption plan is amazing and courageous.”

What is adoption?

Adoption is the legal and voluntary process that fully transfers parental responsibility from a child’s birth parents to their adoptive parents. It isn’t co-parenting. It’s a permanent choice for both the birth family and the adoptive family. A birth mom becomes the first mother, not the only mother.

Why adoption?

Most likely, if you’re reading about adoption, you may be struggling with bringing a child into your current situation. Perhaps you’re just starting school or a job. You’re worried you don’t have the financial and emotional support you’d like to have to raise a child. Maybe you’re already raising other children and you think there just isn’t room for one more, or the birth father is completely out of the picture. These are just a few of the reasons to consider adoption. They all lead to one thing, you’re thinking about what’s best for you and your child.

What if someone says adoption is just giving up?

There are so many misconceptions about adoption. You’ll hear people say you are, “giving up your child.” A loving mother doesn’t give up anything. A mother who loves her child plans to give them a different life. She hopes this is another opportunity for a secure home and loving family.

How do I make an adoption plan?

Your first step is to find a reputable agency or adoption specialist you can trust. The staff at Alexandrina Pregnancy Center can give you trusted referrals for adoption agencies.

How much contact you want to have with your child and the adoptive family after finalization determines the type of adoption plan you make. Almost 70% of adoptions today are open. Open adoption means you and the adoptive family exchange identifying information such as your full names, addresses, and phone numbers. You have the opportunity to communicate regularly and even see your child.

Some women prefer not to have any contact. This is what’s known as a closed adoption. No identifying information is shared and there is no further contact with the adoptive family or your child.

You can also create a semi-open plan where some information is shared and all contact is handled through your adoption coordinator. It’s up to you. As the birth mom, you have complete control over the process.

Is adoption right for me?

Only you know what’s best for you and your child. We can help you talk through your options and determine if adoption is right for you. Talking with an adoption counselor at the agency will also help.

By calling the agency, you’re not committing to making an adoption plan. In fact, nothing is final until after your child is born or you decide. Let us give you referrals to learn more about this option. We want what’s best for you and your child. How can we help you?

Alexandrina Center refers all those considering adoption to the Diocese of Green Bay’s Catholic Charities Ministry. Catholic Charities an accredited adoption agency operating inside the United States.