Free and Confidential Pregnancy Services

What we offer

Our center helps over 2000 women each year. We believe every woman should have the ability to get the information and help she needs regarding her unplanned pregnancy. That’s why all of our pregnancy services are free and confidential. We won’t turn anyone away.

A quick guide to your appointment:

When you arrive at Alexandrina Pregnancy Center, you’ll be immediately greeted by a member of our team. We’ll talk about your needs so we have a better understanding of why you came in.

A member of our trained staff will meet with you to explain the process of taking our free pregnancy test. If the test is positive, we may arrange for a free limited obstetrical ultrasound. After you have the test results, your personal options mentor will sit with you to discuss your pregnancy options. They’ll review abortion procedures, side effects, and potential risks, offer adoption agency referrals, and give you a list of community resources for parenting.

Your mentor is there to serve you so they’ll take as much time as necessary to hear your story, offer advice, share your feelings of joy or just a shoulder to cry on if needed.

Pregnancy Tests

An at-home pregnancy test seems like a simple thing to take, but because they’re nervous, some women take it at the wrong time or don’t follow the directions. Let a member of our trained staff walk you through the process with one of our free and confidential pregnancy tests.

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After a positive pregnancy test, there’s still more to learn about your pregnancy. Because we want you to make a confident decision about your unplanned pregnancy, we offer free and confidential ultrasounds. You’ll get all the information you need.

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Material Support

At Alexandrina Pregnancy Center, we believe you need more than just free services. That’s why we offer as many resources as we possibly can. In addition to free educational information, medical and options consultations, and community referrals, we’ll also provide you with material support.

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Post Abortion Support

For some women, the choice of an abortion is a painful memory. They may have felt relief immediately following the procedure, but slowly days, weeks, or even years later, they’re experiencing emotional trauma. If this is you, we want to help. Talk with us about the post-abortive counseling and care we offer.

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