Free Pregnancy Test Services

When your period is late after possibly having an unprotected (or maybe even protected) relationship, it’s scary. You want to know if you’re pregnant, but taking a pregnancy test means you’ll know more certainly. Sometimes, we just don’t want to face the possibility.

We’re your next step. Come to Alexandrina Pregnancy Center for free pregnancy tests and talk with someone you can trust.

Am I Pregnant?

After you’ve taken a look at the list of early pregnancy symptoms, you’ll want to take a pregnancy test. Start at Alexandrina Pregnancy Center. Not only will a member of our trained staff explain the process, but you’ll also get judgment-free support.

We completely respect your privacy so your test result will remain strictly confidential.

How Does a Pregnancy Test Work?

When you become pregnant, your body produces a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). A pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG in your urine or your blood.

Even though the hCG hormone increases rapidly, it’s still important to take the pregnancy test at the right time. If you take it too soon, there won’t be enough hCG to detect. It’s better to wait a few days after you expected your period to start to get a more accurate result.

Is a Home Pregnancy Test Reliable?

At-home pregnancy tests are reliable, but mistakes happen when a woman is anxious about taking one. We recommend confirming the results of your home test with one of our free pregnancy tests.

There is a slight possibility you might get a false test result. The Mayo Clinic explains that up to 20% or more of known pregnancies actually end in a natural miscarriage. If you’ve miscarried, you may get a positive test result and not be pregnant. Your body takes a little time to realize that.

What Do I Do Next?

Believe it or not, a positive pregnancy test is not enough information alone to make a decision about your pregnancy. There’s still more information you may need to consider.

We offer free ultrasound scans if you’ve received a positive pregnancy test result. Ultrasound tells you how far along your pregnancy has progressed or if possibly there was miscarriage. Sometimes you can see the baby move or the heartbeat. Schedule your visit to our center today. We’re here to listen and help.